It is impossible to complete the challenging tasks the Agency faces without comprehensive and harmonious development of its organization. In 2016, the key integration processes in the REC Group were completed and it became a single national export support institution. As regards its organizational development, the integration has resulted in centralization of functions and applying common approaches to efficiency management and talent development. The Group has introduced a single payroll system and employee incentive program, unified social package, single performance indicators and adopted a single regulation on efficiency and performance management.

of EXIAR’s employees have university degrees
points — the level of customer satisfaction with the Agency’s performance in 2016

activities held under the Leaders Coach Leaders program in 2016

The performance is evaluated on a quarterly and annual basis according to the “A+” appraisal and feedback system developed by the Agency and automated in 2016.

Focusing the efforts of employees on top- priority objectives and setting up clear and transparent correlation between the work performance and level of remuneration create the required conditions to successfully resolve large-scale tasks of the Agency that require high-level commitment of all team members.

EXIAR’s functional structure remains “flat” and compact: it has only two permanent levels of management — CEO and Functional Managers. Such system enables the management to redistribute the resources among the top-priority projects and business objectives, widens the decision-making powers for the managers and employees and, as a result, higher level of their responsibility both for individual performance and indicators of the Agency as a whole. The absence of formal boundaries between the lines of business helps improve the cross- functional liaison between the employees of front and back offices. In the context of such specifics of EXIAR’s functional structure, heightened requirements apply to the employees’ competencies in terms of the cross-functional liaison skills, as well as personal and team performance management skills.

EXIAR's goal- setting system includes the following performance planning stages


Strategic planning (EXIAR’s target strategic benchmarks),


Operational strategy (EXIAR’s performance indicators for the year at the corporate level)


Decomposing indicators to the level of separate lines of business and individual employees


Systematic planning of target indicators for the year (measurable targets and deadlines, persons in charge of specific activities and project performance as a whole)

EXIAR formed a comprehensive talent development system which encompasses individual appraisal of managers and employees by competencies and analysis of Agency’s business needs. The talent development system is based on the corporate model of competencies which serves as a basis for forming talent development programs. There are external programs (trainings, conferences, seminars, internships in foreign ECAs) and in- house training. The training programs are specifically designed to develop corporate and professional competencies.

As part of the internal training in 2016, EXIAR organized trainings for developing communication and presentation skills, raising the level of proficiency in office applications and internal systems of EXIAR; more than one third of the employees regularly attend foreign language training courses organized by the Agency. Leaders Coach Leaders program launched in 2015 successfully continues. It takes the form of regular seminars with managers, including the Chief Executive Officer. In 2016, 61 program events were conducted that were attended by more than 300 employees. The program also enables the Agency’s employees to familiarize with the experience of leading economists, athletes and artists.

Special attention is paid to the manager appraisal and development program intended to develop leadership and management skills, to share experience and knowledge among the managers. In 2016, a joint strategic session was held for all Group’s managers, where a number of strategic initiatives were generated and the implementation plan was adopted.

Developing the leadership and management skills of potential managers — team leaders — is also seen as one of the top-priority objectives. In 2016, a comprehensive development program consisting of 4 modules was developed for this category of employees.

For the purposes of developing employees’ professional competencies, EXIAR organizes both international partner seminars and in-house professional seminars. As part of the external training, Agency’s employees attended more than 50 seminars and conferences to develop their professional knowledge and skills.

A system for the development of leadership and management skills that includes 4 modules


Management of Changes


Basic Leadership Skills


Project Management


Leadership Communications

For five years of its operation, the Agency has managed to gather a unique and dynamic team of professionals out of the best specialists in such spheres as credit analysis, underwriting, risk management, actuarial calculations, international reinsurance, structural and project financing, international law etc. All EXIAR’s employees have higher education with more than one third having the second higher education or academic degree. More than 80% of team members are fluent in one or more foreign languages. It should not be left unmentioned that the personnel is well-balanced: the average age of employees is slightly above 34, and a half of EXIAR’s management are women.

In 2016, the Group introduced an internship program which helps efficiently select the most talented students with the industry- specific specialties for further employment by the Group. The recruitment process was significantly streamlined during the year: a pool of candidates was formed to promptly fill in any opening vacancies, the information about career opportunities is published on the internal and external portals, the recruitment process is now carried out by the Group mainly on its own.

Comfortable environment is a key to building up a successful team, and the Group pays special attention to its development. The internal corporate portal is constantly developing. It is used as an instrument for communication, knowledge and idea sharing, feedback and professional work. At the end of 2016, as a result of the integration, all of the Group’s employees were relocated to a single office space, thus raising the efficiency of collaboration within the Group and enabling the employees to feel themselves as a part of a big team. Created to strengthen the team spirit, corporate sports teams in popular competitive sports continue to develop both in the mode of trainings and participation in friendly games, corporate competitions and Spartakiads. Further, the employees regularly participate in the events of social and environmental nature and collective sports events (e.g. Race of Heroes).

In 2016, the Agency conducted the client satisfaction (loyalty) survey and pilot brand awareness survey. Among the corporate-wide performance indicators for 2016, it was planned to reach the client satisfaction indicator of more than 80 scores. The survey showed that client satisfaction with the Agency’s work reached 83 scores, which are 3 scores higher than the target. In order to increase the level of client satisfaction and loyalty, it was decided to focus on the development of the quality management system: building up the system of continuous improvement and raising the quality of services and products, constant appraisal and monitoring of the quality of client management and internal business processes, as well as conducting client satisfaction surveys and EXIAR’s brand awareness surveys.