As the result of integration of Eximbank of Russia and EXIAR into the REC Group in 2016, the functional structures of these organizations became consolidated and a unified motivational system was established.

1 = 1

the ‘1 function = 1 manager’ principle is at the core of the single employee reporting structure and allocation of responsibilities


Approach to HR

The HR policies of the Russian Export Center are specifically designed to develop talents. The human capital is a top priority for attaining the Company’s strategic goals. As a result of integration of Eximbank of Russia and EXIAR into the REC Group in 2016, the functional structures of these organizations became consolidated.

In March 2016, a single employee reporting structure and allocation of responsibilities was developed and introduced. This structure is based on the “1 function = 1 manager” principle which clearly allocates the responsibilities for execution of top-priority tasks with the optimal balance in the number of functional managers and experts.

By mid July 2016, REC developed the relevant internal regulations and unified the terms of employment as regards the payroll, key performance indicators, performance evaluation, training, social package etc.


Performance evaluation and professional development

For the purpose of developing and introducing a single functional structure, the unified incentive program was developed with the aim to improve commitment and accountability of all team members.

The unified company-wide performance indicators of the REC Group were decomposed to the level of each employee, while the payroll amount was made clearly dependent on the achieved results. The Russian Export Center’s employee compensation scheme is intended to maintain the wages at the competitive level enabling the Company to recruit highly qualified employees.

The employee performance system is based on the performance assessment of personal (individual performance indicators) and team (corporate-wide performance indicators) work. The performance evaluation is conducted on a quarterly and yearly basis. The integral performance index is generated at the end of the evaluation. Employee and his/her manager meet personally to discuss the achieved results, give the feedback and map out the further work plan.


Such format of training, which is popular among many international and leading national companies, was launched in EXIAR in 2015. Since 2016, the program covers all REC Group’s employees.

The project is intended to keep and develop the expertise. The unique knowledge is recorded in the corporate book, while the expertise is developed through three types of seminars: experts, managers and external speakers.




Efficiency and performance


Initiative and development


Labor and operational discipline (for employees)


Awareness raising and feedback (for managers)



Measuring the company-wide KPIs against actual performance


Measuring individual KPIs against actual performance


Identifying the best employee


Identifying the best idea on operations improvement

The unified training standards were introduced during the process of integration in 2016. Owing to these standards, the Company’s employees can focus on developing certain professional or corporate competences once they have been made aware of their strengths and areas for development. The total number of corporate trainees (foreign languages, Leaders Coaching Leaders, professional and applied group sessions) was more than 2,600 in 2016. 195 employees attended the external trainings (seminars, conferences etc.). Each REC Group’s employee visited more than six various training events on average.


Corporate training

  • Cross-functional sessions
  • Leaders coach leaders
  • Manager development program
  • Team leader development program
  • RECbook
  • International partner seminars
  • Internal professional seminars
  • Expert seminars
  • Language courses for employees
  • Trainings
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Incentive training


Corporate culture and social support

REC Group pays close attention to developing and maintaining a single corporate culture. The most high-profile event in this area in 2016 was the development of the Code of Corporate Conduct. It was developed on the basis of focus groups with employees and interviews with managers.


The Code is the common foundation which is based on principles, methods and concepts each employee may rely on in his/her day-today operations. It defines the corporate culture ideology, values, standards and principles of work and cooperation. This is an instrument to resolve operating tasks helping the new employees understand the specifics of the REC Group’s internal environment and adapt to it quicker. It enables all employees, regardless of their work experience, to cope with difficult situations and choose the line of individual development. The Code is planned to be introduced and presented to the employees in 2017.

The REC Group hosts various corporate events occasioned with the national holidays. It also realizes its own initiatives: Capture the Moment with EXIAR photo contest, children drawing contest, excursions for children at REC Group’s offices, Say Thank You! project on the internal portal, planting of more than 30 trees at Losinoostrovsky Park, teambuilding and quests. In 2017, the Company published children’s book “Mitya, the Boy Who Passed on the Kindness” from which employees’ children can get acquainted with their parents’ job.

Have an Idea project was launched in 2015 on EXIAR’s internal website, and in 2016 it was successfully relocated to REC Group’s internal portal making it yet more popular. Since the time of launching the service, 130 ideas were published, of which 78 were offered in 2016.

  • code of basic ideas, objectives and work methods;
  • totality of values and standards of conduct;
  • characteristics of the working relationship.


REC’s social policy is designed to improve the social security system for the Company’s employees. Apart from compulsory social guarantees provided by the labor laws, REC’s employees can enjoy additional corporate benefits and compensations.

The management takes care of the employees’ health and pays the closest attention to the sports activities: the Company runs football, volleyball and hockey sport clubs and offers corporate fitness club programs. The REC Group’s football team successfully participates in the Football Corporate League Championship and ranks third in the financial division and the overall inter-industry standing.

The Green Office helps reduce the load on the environment and climate while reducing the operating expenses and increasing the employee productivity and happiness.


REC Group launched Green Office project, whereas the Company plans to reduce its impact on the environment, raise the employees’ environmental awareness and continue to make the utilization of resources in the building more efficient.

For this purpose, the Company analyzed the domestic and international experience in creating “green offices” from leading companies. As a result, REC developed an action plan covering the events of various focus that, in their totality, are aimed at making REC Group’s operations more ecologically responsible and environment friendly.

The plan includes measures of technical and organizational nature, and also educational events. Indeed, hints and reminders of available methods of environmental protection will from time to time appear on the Company’s portal. It is planned to hold a seminar for the employees on the subject “Green Office”. In order for everyone to be able to provide input in the daily care of the environment and overall well-being, the Company invited the employees to offer additional ideas. All ideas will be considered and implemented, if possible.

Presently, the following comprehensive measures are being taken: saving paper owing to the streamlined electronic document flow and print settings (the used paper is not discarded, but is sent for recycling) and collecting exhausted batteries: the employees can bring old batteries to the office and put them into special containers. Such batteries will be properly and safely disposed of, while the substances they contain that are not only hazardous, but also rare, will be recycled, if possible.


Communication policy

As part of the general process of integration of REC, EXIAR and Eximbank of Russia, the external communications of these three organizations have been also integrated. A single block of external communications was created within the REC Group that has brought together the functionality of employees by lines of business, rather than by companies:


Organization of events


Press center


Marketing communications.


The updated Russian Exporter Journal has become one of the most critical elements of the REC Group’s corporate communications in 2016. The journal is published four times a year and its electronic version is available on the REC’s website. The journal offers country and industry surveys, successful business cases of Russian exporters, export support mechanisms and instruments (including financial support). Thus, the journal is useful both for the active exporters and those who yet plan to enter foreign markets.


The Russian Export Center issues monthly newsletter Russian Export News covering analytical materials, news and announcements of all Group’s companies. The newsletter is published on the REC’s website and circulated to subscribers by email.


Since 2016, REC Group is represented in the key social networks (VKontakte, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram). The news of all Group’s companies and all relevant information for all lines of support is published at the Group’s pages. Therefore, the Russian companies now have another convenient and operational channel enabling them to receive all information in one place and to communicate with REC Group’s representatives online.